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Faculty Affairs, Part 2 – Tuition update and discussion

Brett Hughes (2L) and Michael Robichaud (1L) At the October 22 Faculty Council meeting, Interim Dean Jutta Brunnée said she will recommend to the University administration that tuition fees be increased by 5%…

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I Work in the Public Sector (And So Can You!)

The last thing I ever thought I would do at U of T was write for UV. I told a friend I had been asked to write this article and she responded (direct…

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Politics Literally Makes You Stupid

David Pardy (3L) Are differences in political opinion attributable to misunderstandings of fact? As in, if we all had the same, perfect information on every issue, and we could discuss it freely with…

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Students Outside Reading Room Shocked by Twist Ending of Latest “SYTYCFCOALBBTD” Episode

Amir Eftekharpour (1L) TORONTO –   U of T students expressed their surprise last week after a jaw-dropping episode of So You Think You Can Finish Construction on a Law Building By the Deadline,…

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Editor’s Letter

Paloma Van Groll (3L) & David Gruber (3L) The law school is operating out of borrowed space for yet another year. Construction of the new Hal Jackman law building is delayed, and Flavelle…

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