UV Remembers Pho Hung

After a long, painful and admirable struggle, Pho Hung passed away peacefully on July 23rd, 2012, with the entire student body and faculty of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law looking on in anguish and a hunger for monosodium glutamate, $6.00 bowls of beef and rice noodles and shared bottles of hot sauce that must henceforth go unsatisfied. Pho Hung outlived its siblings, Quesada, Booster Juice and China Garden, and it is survived by an empty wasteland covered in graffiti, a McDonald’s, a Subway, another Pho Hung about fifteen blocks Southwest and the promise of a soon to be luxury condominium that will almost certainly not have a delicious Vietnamese restaurant on the ground floor. Memorial services will be conducted in Rowell Room at 12:00 pm daily, when students ask “where should we go for lunch?”