Law Follies: True or False

Since people no longer had to sneak alcohol into Law Follies this year, the event was hazier than ever. Test your memory of the evening with our True/False questions below.

1)     TRUE OR FALSE: The CDO recommended that the best font to use in an email is an animated GIF.

2)     TRUE OR FALSE: Dolphin porn is actually a thing.

3)     TRUE OR FALSE: Professor Stewart had a flask of whiskey confiscated at the Wreck Room after-party.

4)     TRUE OR FALSE: Hayley Ossip (1L) gave birth on-stage.

5)     TRUE OR FALSE: The phrase “suck my clit” was uttered by a Supreme Court Justice.

6)     TRUE OR FALSE: Mayo’s 3AM Muffin Madness is waaaaay more fun than 10:00AM Muffin Madness.

7)     TRUE OR FALSE: Math caused the financial crisis.

8)     TRUE OR FALSE: Acting Dean Duggan gets upset when you call him “Acting Dean Duggan.”

9)     TRUE OR FALSE: The test for being protected by white privilege is a one-part test.

10)  TRUE OR FALSE: At the Wreck Room, Professor Sanderson invited someone he had just met to his “sausage party.”

Answer key: 1) True. While not actually said by the CDO, this would nonetheless be the most useful advice they have given out all year. 2) True. Rule 34. And speaking of animated GIFs… 3) True! Keep on rockin’ Professor Stewart, we love you.  4)  True. Kind of. It was a prop baby. 5) True. Classic L’Heureux-Dubé. 6)  True. Sadly this did not actually happen. 7) True? 8) True. Acting Dean Duggan has a big chip on his shoulder about the whole “acting” thing. 9) True. And “chinaman” is a slur. 10) True. Yes, this actually happened.