Reading Week: Expectations vs. Reality

Friday February 14th 2014

Expectation: sleep in because there’s no class, take your sweet time getting ready for that date tonight, unwind…

Reality: wake up early to put the final touches on your small group assignment, spend the majority of the day frantically typing, citing, consulting the McGill guide, and constantly keeping a look out on the time. Feel the stress building. Partake in exercise (i.e. running to the Records Office before 4pm). Get on the subway that’s even more packed than usual, thanks to the ridiculously humongous bouquets and teddy bears in the hands of smitten people. Go home, have some wine and watch the Olympics by yourself. True patriot you are.

Saturday February 15th 2014

Expectation: sleep in, catch up on some zZzs. Wake up at 1 pm and have something to eat. Contemplate what to wear to go out with your friends tonight; it’s your first night out in forever. Chill out on the couch with some leisurely reading until then.

Reality: Sleep in. Do nothing all day. Justify going out because…how else will all those discounted chocolates find their way into your mouth? Someone has to go out to the store and get them. Return home and sit on the couch eating said chocolates with a Dance Moms marathon.

Monday February 16th 2014

Expectation: It’s Family Day! Time to spend it with loved ones.

Reality: Realize you have a week to get caught up on all your readings and spend today with your textbooks. Those cases aren’t going to read themselves.

Tuesday February 17th 2014

Expectation: sleep in, catch up with some friends over brunch. Read your property readings. Go out for a movie.

Reality: sleep in til noon. Wake up with the feeling of impending doom, that admin assignment is going to require you to actually do the admin readings…start by printing out the Admin Syllabus.

Wednesday February 18th 2014

Expectation: start working on your Admin assignment.

Reality: start your Admin readings.

Thursday February 19th 2014

Expectation: finish your Admin assignment.

Reality: continue Admin readings. Justify taking a break after the first 20 minutes…7 hours later… you’re still trolling Facebook friends and watching emotional baby videos on YouTube.

Friday February 20th 2014

Expectation: wake up early to finish your readings for other courses so you have the weekend free. Maybe catch some Olympics on TV.

Reality: wake up at 9 am stressed out about the Admin assignment. Begin to work through all the readings with the goal of beginning the writing by tonight. Finish the admin readings and justify going to sleep by saying you’ll wake up early to begin the assignment.

Saturday February 21st 2014

Expectation: having finished all your readings and assignment, you can have a “Me Day”. Call up your friends to meet you to get manicures and plan a night out.

Reality: wake up early and read the assignment outline. Spend about an hour overwhelmed by it. Begin writing like crazy. Forgo sustenance in the form of food to get this done. At about 2 in the morning you pass out at your desk from exhaustion, using your Criminal Code as a pillow.

Sunday February 22nd 2014

Expectation: check your emails, prepare for the school day tomorrow. Get to bed early, so you’re well rested.

Reality: Write, write, and cite that assignment, all the while suffering from neck pain due to sleeping on a heavy textbook. Spend 20 minutes weeping about what your life has become and contemplating your existential crisis. Return to desk, realize you have developed the back problems that will plague you forever, but minor victory in the form of actually finishing that paper. Remember you didn’t do any of the other readings. But it’s 1 am. You need sleep. Lie in bed and cry for the Reading Week break that never was…