So (Un)Inspired

Let me preface this with a disclaimer: no offense to the organizers or the presenters.

UofT Law Inspires failed to …inspire.

Feeling down with the January blues and intrigued by the premise of the event and the offer of lunch I attended UofT Law Inspires looking for a much-needed dose of inspiration. The social media promos stated it would have ‘6 professors delivering 10 minute presentations on a topic of their choice with an emphasis on sharing an inspiring idea.’ It invited students to attend a ‘fascinating hour of presentations’ (Emphasis is mine).

The promo lied.

I worry for the people who think my idea of fascinating is hearing about …well I don’t even recall what the topics were except for one about Canadian Idol. I think that speaks volumes about how inspiring the topics were.

Where’s the inspiration? I’m in need of some so if I’m going to spend my time listening to someone who promises to be inspiring, it better be inspiring. Is that really too much to ask for? Apparently. I mean, none of the professors talked about things that I’d ever classify as fascinating. Like ever. And some Profs didn’t even bother to engage with the audience, sticking to occasionally referring to notes and talking. I didn’t come to the event to feel like I was in class. I have the rest of the day to be in class. This was the moment to inspire, to BE inspired. Maybe it was the unimaginative delivery or the choice in topics but I’m sad to say there was a lack of inspiration leaving that event.

I suppose it is naïve to go to the event seeking inspiration but, hello, talk about false advertising.

A better name would have been “Come Listen to Profs Talk about What They Think You Think Is Fascinating + FREE FOOD” or even “Spend Your Lunch Hour in Class + FREE FOOD.’ Or even “FREE FOOD + some talking.”

To point out just how inspiring the event was, I need only mention the few people I noticed dozing off in the front row. So (un)inspired.