CDO-Approved Costumes for Halloween

Lisana Nithiananthan (2L)

Busy law student? Have no time to eat, sleep, or breathe, let alone come up with a costume to wear to the SLS Halloween Party at Old Vic? Have no fear, UV has got you covered. We spoke to the CDO and here’s their list of costumes that are suitable, scary, and yet very appropriate to wear to a Halloween Party.

  1. The Reasonable Man: though he appears in the majority of the caselaw you read, detailed descriptions are nowhere to be found. No one really knows how this elusive figure looks. This costume is really open to your creative interpretation, so go wild. Just don’t fail to notice any snails in ginger beer bottles!
  1. A Salt and Battery: find yourself a large salt shaker and a large battery and you’ve got yourself a costume.
  1. The Phantom New Building: like the reasonable man, this building is also very elusive. But have no fear, portraying it in its current state should be very easy. There are quite a few ways to do this. For one, you can simply not go to the party, stay home and post updates about the progress being made to your construction, but never actually display said progress. Another way to do this costume is to use some cardboard boxes and your artsy skills to turn them into buildings. Tear down a part of the box, and voila! A building in construction. Simple, really. A third way to bring this costume to life is to dress in brown and maybe glue some grass and rubble onto your outfit – successfully creating the place where the building has been put up…
  1. Mis Trial: for the beauty pageant queen in all of us. Fashion yourself a sash that says Mis Trial 2014. To add glamour to your look: big hair, bigger crown, and a large bouquet.
  1. The Zombie 1L (prior to September 2014): this is probably the easiest costume to prepare. Simply spend a few nights reading your casebooks. Don’t sleep. Drink lots of caffeine. Once the bags under your eyes have bags under them, your look will be complete.
  1. A Supreme Court Justice: have an old vampire cape lying around? Use it as a robe, find yourself a gavel, maybe a wig (à la House of Lords).
  1. The UofT Law Grading Scale: a fun opportunity to gather 4 other friends for a group costume! Invest some time creating large capital letters (HH, H, P, LP, F). Stick a grade on your shirt (don’t worry this isn’t a determination of your value as a person, promise!) One of you will be the HH, one will be the H…you get the picture.
  1. Devils Advocate: some horns, red face paint, suit and tie, briefcase, pitchfork.
  1. Our Tuition: easily the scariest thing on this list. Make yourself a huge cheque that you can fasten around your neck. Input the scary figure in huge print on the front, you’ll have all those who encounter your costume running away in horror.
  2. Lady Justice: easy to create using a white or gray bed sheets and black sunglasses.  Simply fashion the sheet into a toga, carry a set of scales in one hand, a cane in the other and you’re set to go!