In-Firm Interviews: What to Bring

Ultra Vires emailed all the students from the CDO’s 2014 Second Year Summer Student Employment Directory and asked for the most important things to bring with you on your in-firm week journey. Here are the chattels people found helped them soar to greatness (i.e. land jobs, bay-bee!).

  1. Pen/paper/notebook
  2. Extra copies of transcripts/CV
  3. Map of all the firms you’re going to
  4. Snacks: Clif or granola bars, trail mix, juice (easy sugar and won’t get stuck in your teeth!) There will likely be food at the firms you visit, but it’s helpful to have snacks with you while you’re going from one interview to the next
  5. Floss/toothbrush
  6. Mouthwash/mints/gum…some say mint > gum, because you don’t need to worry about spitting it out somewhere before an interview
  7. Lip balm (talking on end about how great you are gets dry…hah..hah..hah..?)
  8. Phone
  9. Some way to charge your phone
  10. An iPad if you have it. If you have a spare half hour you can bang out a ton of thank-you emails (more so than on a phone)
  11. Advil
  12. Kleenex
  13. Tide-to-go pen
  14. Lint roller
  15. Umbrella

SIDEBAR: For the ladiezzz

  1. Extra tights/pantyhose
  2. Bobby pins
  3. A lipstick that is actually a tinted lip balm because your lips get so weirdly dry and also they are easier to apply if you are a baby such as myself.
  4. I brought a really good caudalie face spray that probably made zero difference but spraying myself with it in the bad bathrooms in the PATH was probably the highlight of my in-firm experience
  5. Pair of flats
  6. Band-Aids
  7. Nail polish for touch ups
  8. Makeup for touch ups
  9. A nice looking bag to hold all of the above. Also a strong assistant who can carry around the nice looking bag filled with all these important things