Jackson Law Building Planning Board Finds Resolution to Major Issue

Rona Ocean (1L) & Amir Eftekarpour (1L)

The Jackson Law Building Planning Board made leaps and bounds last Thursday, resolving a budget issue that had the committee at a standstill for months. The Board had been working on the design and installation of a new fountain at the building’s entrance, but had been unable to articulate a plan to pay for the $700 000 gold-encased structure. “We’re building this fountain in an effort to make the law school more competitive with its Ivy League counterparts in the U.S., and so the budget issue is frustrating in a major way” said Interim Dean Brunnée. “Fountains are one of the primary indicators of international competitiveness,” she continued. Last week, however, the Board announced that in order to foot the entire bill for the Fountain, the Faculty of Law will be admitting one extra student next year.