Eleven Features I Hope are Part of the new Jackman Hall Law Building

Maud Rozee (1L) and Clara Rozee (3L) 

  1. Unlimited free printing
  2. Mahogany desks and chairs with finest Italian leather seat cushions.
  3. A drinking fountain that dispenses San Pellegrino water.
  4. A statue of Bora Laskin on horseback, maybe with a sword or something.
  5. On-site masseurs.
  6. Holograms of every S.C.C. justice ever, and you can just talk to them, Harry Potter painting-style
  7. A troupe of first-rate thespians to perform scenes from seminal cases.
  8. Every time you look in one of the mirrors, Anthony Niblett stares back at you.
  9. Trained cats in little smocks that walk on their hind legs and carry my textbooks for me.
  10. The whole floor is made of solar panels and Dean Iacobucci beams onto them, providing enough clean energy to charge every laptop in the Reading Room.
  11. A portal to another dimension in which I have already retired from an illustrious, inspiring and lucrative legal career. I throw a football to my grandsons on the soft sand beaches of Bermuda. After a feast of fresh crab I retire to my room with my wife of sixty-five years. That night, I pass away peacefully in my sleep. Moments later, she dies also. We are reunited in the afterlife. God greets me at the gates of Paradise, and it all looks a lot like the Jackman Law Building.