Tort or no tort?

Maud Rozee (1L) and Clara Rozee (3L) 

On Monday, September 14, the air conditioning in Emmanuel 001 was non-operational. Upon my arrival at class, I began to sweat profusely, causing me great physical discomfort and strange looks from my classmates. TORT or NO TORT?

This morning at Caffiends in Old Vic, they only had goats’ milk. As a result, my coffee was undrinkable. TORT or NO TORT?

In my Property small group on Wednesday, I clearly hadn’t done the readings. Instead of jumping in with a comment when I was called upon, everyone sat silently, looking at their textbooks, and allowed me to flounder. TORT or NO TORT?

I was forced to listen to a classmate attempt to apply a lengthy and detailed baseball analogy to a legal situation which bore no relation whatsoever to baseball. TORT or NO TORT?

My peer mentor asked if I had applied to the Downtown Legal Services clinic. I had not. She proceeded to tell me that that was fine and she knew lots of people who didn’t do a clinic and still managed to get some real legal experience one way or another. TORT or NO TORT?

At a pub night, the bartender served me an excessive quantity of beers (between 3 and 4), which caused me to dance with reckless abandon, in a manner unbecoming a young professional. I suffered a loss to my reputation as a skilled dancer and was mildly embarrassed before my peers. TORT or NO TORT?