Halloween costume ideas

Maud Rozee (1L) and Clara Rozee (3L)

A Mandatory Professionalism Seminar on a Friday

Wait until 1 a.m., then tell everyone at the party that they need to be in EM001 at 9 a.m. the next morning. Then just punch them in the face for good measure.

The Jackman Hall Law Building

Wear whatever. When people ask you where your costume is, say, “I’m still working on it— it should be ready for next year.”

Closed Book Exam

Whenever anyone asks you a question, begin to panic and start rambling desperately about everything you remember. Hope for the best.

The Socratic Method

Dress normally and go around asking people “What am I dressed as?” Don’t back down if they can’t figure it out – keep pushing. If you don’t push them, how will they learn?

Osgoode Student

Go to “wikipedia.org/wiki/law” and print it out. Carry it around with you and reference it frequently. Wear a look of dejection but also put several thousand dollars in your wallet.

The Ghosts of My Family and Friends Who I Never See Anymore

A white sheet with two holes cut out. Or, I dunno, maybe just call your parents.

Group costume: Dean Iacospooky, Sara Scareherty, and Alexis Archiboo

Fairly self-explanatory.

Work-life balance

Wear one of those milkmaid’s shoulder yokes with a bucket on each side. Fill one bucket with your textbooks and the other one with your tears!