Word on the Street: What did you do right after OCIs?

I walked to the corner of Bay and King and stood in all the lobbies, suit on, arms crossed, and tried to figure out if I actually fit in.

Michael Cockburn

Step 1: Removed nude pantyhose.

Step 2: Donned sweatpants.

Step 3: Ordered pad thai.

Emma Romano

I watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with a Dark & Stormy (or 4).

  • Alayna Dueck

Right after OCIs I bought a bottle of wine under the assumption that I would go to pub night to celebrate. I spent the night on my couch watching South Park instead.

  • Madison Hass

Ate a pizza pantsless and then passed out.

  • Rona Ghanbari

Combination shower beer and sit down shower.

Jake Gehlen

“I waited around for the snacks to be brought out, stuffed myself,¬†then went home and¬†watched an episode of The Mindy Project in the bath”

Ashley Major

Immediately after my last OCI, I flew home to Ottawa to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family

  • Sydney Hopkins

I went to sleep and woke up in a new Bugatti

  • Victor Kim