Tort or no tort?

Maud Rozee (1L) and Clara Rozee (3L)

There are three “Mondays” between October 19 and 26, or approximately one Monday every 2.666666 days. This ratio of Mondays is unacceptable and rises to the level of a harm to me and my family. TORT or NO TORT?

A piece of the ceiling caved in during Vincent Chiao’s Criminal Law class on September 29. There were no physical injuries but we were all a little unsettled. TORT or NO TORT?

Today in class I put up my hand and the teacher pointed to someone behind me, but I started talking. My teacher’s hand gesture was vague and unfocused, totally inappropriate for the classroom situation. TORT or NO TORT?

There is no crosswalk between the island at the top of Queen’s Park and the other side of the road. Every day hundreds of students are forced to play a game of human Frogger. This puts our lives at risk and impinges on our life, liberty and security of the person. TORT or NO TORT or CHARTER VIOLATION?

Frogger - Illustration by Clara Rozee (3L)

The barista at Caffiends had trouble boiling water in an electric kettle. I was unable to sleep for days, tortured by fears for his survival. TORT or NO TORT?

With one minute of class time remaining, some kid in my Contracts section asked a long and involved question about estoppel. The professor answered it. As a result, I had to stay in class 3 minutes beyond the end time promised by my e.Legal schedule. TORT or NO TORT?

The ceilings in Old Vic are unreasonably high, causing there to be too many stairs between each floor. As a result, walking to class causes physical discomfort and mental fatigue. Sometimes, instead of climbing the stairs, I just don’t go to class. TORT or NO TORT?

I have spent at least six (6) hours at Westlaw information sessions this semester. These sessions are during the lunch hour, but food is rarely provided. A list of foods I could have been eating during these sessions includes: ham sandwiches, muffins, Snapple, pizza, pad thai, falafel/shawarma and berry pie. TORT or NO TORT?

Our mandatory 1L seminar on point first writing lasted for 2 hours, and the point was first. As a result, the last hour and forty-five minutes could probably have been inferred. TORT or NO TORT?

My pseudonym, which I cannot print here in the interests of a) decency and b) anonymity, is demeaning to me. It impedes my writing process and certainly biases the grading practices of my professors. No reasonable professor would give a “HH” to a paper written by “Skunk Cabbage.” Shoot, I said I wasn’t going to print it. TORT or NO TORT?