Word On The Street: If you had to be stranded with a faculty member on a desert island…

“Dean Iacobucci, because we could talk about the Simpsons together.”

3L, red sweater, Reading Room

“Jason Chin. He teaches Legal Research and Writing. He’s half Chinese, half white. He’s gorgeous. I ran into him once, and I thought he was a student… I was like, “Hi, what’s your name?”… He was like “I’m a prof.”

1L, eating sandwich, Birge lounge

“Anita Anand. She’s just the best. She’d be able to explain the situation to me, and I would understand. She brings candy for her class, too. Maybe she’d have candy with her.”

2L, scarlet lipstick, Reading Room

“Drassinower. He’s delightful. He seems like he would be lovely the whole time.”

2L, eating popcorn, Reading Room

“I think it would probably be Alarie. He seems really resourceful. He could construct an incredible scheme for survival, as well as come up with a complex and balanced taxation regime.”

2L, headphones, law library

“I’d pick Angela Fernandez. Because she’s so nice. She’d definitely self-sacrifice to save whoever she was trapped with.”

1L, purple sweater, Reading Room

“Niblett. I like him the best, but that’s not a good reason… Why Niblett? In case we got in jeopardy.”

2L, black sweatshirt, Reading Room

“I pick Niblett too. He probably knows random facts about how to survive on a desert island.”

2L, venti Starbucks, Reading Room

“Ben Alarie. He’d be really good at rowing, and I figure if I could build a boat, then he would row us back to civilization.”

3L, grey pullover, Reading Room