Open Invitation Issued for Admissions Guide Models

Maud Rozee (2L)

Invitations to last year’s JD Admissions Guide photoshoot went out only to a select few, but this year the whole school was invited to model. Those who responded were thanked by Senior Recruitment, Admissions and Diversity Outreach Officer Jerome Poon-Ting for participating in the “historic photoshoot.” Models reported it was “overall kind of a random experience.”

Despite the open invitations, the participants’ images were still heavily managed. The attendees were given a long list of wardrobe restrictions, including nothing white, grey, black, brightly coloured, or loudly patterned. Participants were also cautioned to not wear anything too short, sleeveless, low cut, or too tight. “It didn’t leave much left to choose from,” commented Faye Williams (2L). Mr. Poon-Ting also sent participants suggestions for footwear: “Clean footwear is a must (not new but slightly worn). No heels but small ankle boots would be a great option.”

The photoshoot had a makeup artist and hair stylist on set, as well as a photographer and art director to arrange the perfect shot. Participants were also given on-site wardrobe tips. An anonymous participant overheard an organizer tell a female participant wearing a polo shirt to “do up the top button.”

Participants were dressed for fall despite the photoshoot taking place on a hot August day. Mr. Poon-Ting encouraged the participants to wear layers, as they “look better on camera.” “I was sweltering in jeans and a long-sleeve walking up and down the stairs as they took like a million shots,” Faye told Ultra Vires. “I will never look at an admissions book the same way again.”