Letter from the Editors: Welcome Back

Nick Papageorge (2L) and Maud Rozee (2L)

Welcome back!

We hope that you’re finally starting to recover from the blow that was having our classes start on January 2—known to just about everyone else as the observed New Year’s Day. If you’re anything like us, you were already weeks behind on your readings before your friends in other schools had even pondered opening a book. You’re also probably realizing just how busy this semester will be, and there’s nothing like getting your first semester grades back to remind you how much work you have to do.

Now that we’ve ensured you’re in the default U of T Law mindset—all-encompassing, neverending stress—let us remind you that it’s not all bad. In our humble opinion, Winter semester is always, always way better than Fall.* With Follies and Law Ball to look forward to, the events of the year are still to come! The days are getting longer and the weather will (eventually) improve. And with Groundhog Day coming up, maybe our darling Phyllis will make a glorious return to Falconer.

One thing’s for sure: it’s going to be another excellent semester here at Ultra Vires. We’re kicking our January issue off by sharing a variety of lesser-known student perspectives. We’re proud to feature pieces contributed by the Feminists Law Society and the First Generation Students Network. We also have pieces by students discussing their law school experience from vantage points not often considered in the open: one is a single mother, another has social anxiety.

On a more familiar note, we’re following up on a story that caused much discussion last year: the problem of reused exams. Adjunct Professor Craig Carter’s reused Real Estate exam shows that these incidents will keep happening unless the administration takes steps to stop them, and we will continue to insist that they do so.

As always, we encourage everyone to let us know what’s on your mind and what’s important to you! We are always looking for topical contributions, whether they be semi-serious features or off-the-wall diversions.

On behalf of ourselves and the rest of the Editorial Board, we wish you all a successful and enjoyable semester ahead!

* Ultra Vires makes no representations or warranties that any semester of law school is better than any other one, or anything at all for that matter.