Ian Sinke (1L)

After getting a new laptop and disposing of my old one, I am now unable to log in to Westlaw because I can’t remember my username, password, or how to get to the Canadian version of Westlaw. To retrieve this information would take approximately four minutes of my precious precious time. TORT or NO TORT?

I was browsing the Sunshine List and found out that U of T Law’s crown jewel Anthony Niblett is one of our lowest-paid professors. This devastating news ruined what was left of my afternoon. NEGLIGENCE or INTENTIONAL INFLICTION or NO TORT?

At a firm tour, a senior partner repeatedly referred to a student who had identified himself as Josh as “Greg.” This was embarrassing for all involved, but none of us wanted to correct him. TORT or NO TORT?

Professor Benson’s “supplement” for Contracts is misnamed: the Waddams book is the “supplement,” Benson’s book is the real deal. Emond Montgomery Publications should be ashamed. TORT or NO TORT?

At Professor Moreau’s first year Torts exam, a student was given a copy of a Securities Regulation exam instead. NO TORT.

I’m having difficulty deciding whether I should eat another piece of this “rich cake typically filled with whipped cream, mousse, jam, or fruit.” TORTE or NO TORTE?
Ultra Vires went four months without publishing a “TORT or no TORT?” and, when it finally returned, the article was written by some 1L who isn’t nearly as funny as previous contributors. TORT or NO TORT?