Faculty of Law Dominates Intramurals

Alexis Vaughn (2L)

Disclaimer: The above headline may or may not be clickbait and/or fake news. A more accurate (but less grammatically correct) headline would be “Faculty of Law Does OK at Intramurals.”

This year, the Faculty of Law enjoyed a monumental intramural season. The Faculty fielded sixteen teams across eight different sports and surprised all opponents with higher-than-expected levels of athleticism and hand-eye co-ordination. Over 130 law students participated in one or more teams, and fun was had by all. Although we may not have always been the most skilled team to take the ice/field/court/pool, we consistently heckled the hardest and complained the loudest. On March 9, the Faculty of Law Athletic Association hosted its inaugural Awards Nights to celebrate the achievements of its many outstanding athletes.

Team Most Valuable Player Most Improved Player
Co-ed Basketball Anna Spieser
Men’s Basketball A Aaron Haight Brendan Bohn
Men’s Basketball B Ben Bouwman & Marco Wei
Women’s Basketball Andrea Barragan Verduzco Catherine Hart
Co-ed Dodgeball Graham Henry Quinn Keenan
Co-ed Flag Football Joffre Brunet Davina Shivratan
Men’s Flag Football Aaron Haight & Dylan Cooke
Co-ed Hockey Jesse White & Kieran May
Men’s Hockey Jesse White & Andrew Mingay
Co-ed Innertube Waterpolo Jérémie Lachance Catherine Hart
Men’s Soccer Ben Fenech Nick Reynolds
Women’s Soccer Sarah Bittman & Alexis Vaughan
Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee Jonathan Farine Rachael Sider
Co-ed Volleyball A Jessica Kras Matthew De Lio
Co-ed Volleyball B Josh Favel & Natalie Marsh Crystal Li
Men’s Volleyball Jackson Foreman Glen Tucker