Famous Case Translations Matching Game

For this game, we’ve taken quotations from famous legal cases and put them through Google Translate as many times as it took for them to get weird. See if you can match the quotation with the case. Bonus points if you can reverse engineer the original text by putting the translations through Google Translate again.

1) Mention the great ships of foreign companies and remain an important part of the original structure of some.

2) Ghana, contrast and compare the time 1 of the Constitution of the principle: how to evaluate progress, and method of ka’i’o of this Constitution. We live in a tree.

3) Who is my neighbor? The answer will be – there will be people again and again in my work, so I do not forget them, he sent me a government spokesman.

4) But I have to keep a bag of dog? Or use, including use of the horse, and the son of Jupiter and the sun, if the night was very bad, so sorry, counsel for the first time, and difficulty participating in the animals rules, the threshold of death and violence, victory of hope?

5) Mr. Revelation Foobar Mustafa, ntsws tube, he’i’o face contract tube SIAB Lok Raj Rao Los Angeles El Al to do Los Angeles Liam KAG, Culligan and B were captured spies Pom RRU yoov trying to tshwm * rob Rao. Labor and riders good whenever he tries to figure Customs RRU Mr. Contract Mustafa El Kawm Bible IAV hloov EQHO Kiev npliag laws yoov I also never qheb fwj’a lo’ana Salvador percent LWM RRU yoov try Rao. The new contract is a contract year and has received a “system Kabala” In addition yuav lost family Chronicle’s new spy powers agreement with Culligan Tub General study xeem15年 US AWM Rao Salvador, Kiev tshwm.

A) Reference Re Same Sex Marriage (Hint: Living Tree)
B) Pierson v Post (Hint: Saucy Intruder)
C) Labour Conventions Reference (Hint: Watertight Compartments)
D) Mustapha v Culligan (Hint: Flies in Water)
E) Donoghue v Stevenson (Hint: Duty of Care)

Answers: 1) C  2) A  3) E  4) B  5) D