It Almost Feels Like I Was There: A Law Ball Review by Someone Who Did Not Attend Law Ball

On Saturday, March 11, hundreds of U of T Law students gathered together at a venue somewhere for this year’s Law Ball, an extravagant night of dinner, drinking, and dancing. The theme was Law Law Land, so obviously there were posters of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone liberally but tastefully hung throughout the venue. Also, during the cocktail hour that opened the event, the bar required patrons to sing all drink requests. Some people found this distressing, but I for one think I would have had a great time sing-ordering La La Land themed cocktails like the “Another Day of Rum” or, my personal favourite, the “City of Sours.” Thankfully, however,  Moonlight/La La Land jokes were strictly prohibited.

The cocktail hour was also a great time to check out this year’s fashion. Everyone looked great in their fancy dresses and suits. Except that one guy. You know the one.

What can I say about the food? There were a number of options, some of which were liked better than others. Some people definitely thought they made the right choice and said, “Mmm, this is really good!” while others probably said, “Mine is just alright. I mean, it’s fine and everything.” In the end though, it’s safe to say that everyone who attended the dinner had dinner.

But we all know that the point of Law Ball isn’t the dinner, it’s the dancing. And boy did people dance! I’ll admit that I thought it was strange when the DJ started off by playing forty-five straight minutes of death-grind metal, but everyone seemed to love it, so I guess I’m the one that’s out of touch.

The highlight of the night, without a doubt, was when everyone performed a choreographed dance to “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift. Nobody really knows why that song was chosen, because nobody would ever question it. While a few people appeared not to have quite got their steps down, overall it was an amazing display of what law students can do when they put their mind to something.

Overall, it was a really lovely night. Everyone looked great, mostly everyone had fun, approximately one billion selfies were taken, and the next day everyone woke up feeling great and got lots of work done on their final papers. Law Law Land was a hit.