Ask Ab Initio

Dear AI,

I’ve just gotten into a relationship with a wonderful girl. The thing is, she’s a 2L and I’m only a 1L! Do you think this relationship can work out?



Dear 1Love,

Ah, law school love. It is an elusive creature to be sure. Some would even go so far as to say it is just not possible. Let’s look at this logically. She’s in 2L. That means she has got her shit figured out. You? You’re in 1Lbasically a baby law student. You don’t even know what standard of review means yet. I don’t want to break your heart but, honey, she’s just using you to feel better about whatever in-firms she didn’t get. She probably started dating you in October. You’re a rebound and it just isn’t meant to last. Try dating a sociology major instead.



Dear AI,

I’m a 4L and, no, I’m not in any combined program. I took a year off between 2L and 3L and I think it might be hurting my chances of securing an articling position. I needed some time off from the stress and craze of law school. What should I tell employers?

-Struggling 4 Articling

Dear Struggling 4 Articling,

I have so much respect for youyou did what was best for you and that took the form of taking a year’s break. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! When it comes to having to talk to employers about this, what I recommend is to not address it explicitly. They’ll see it on your transcript and you can include any work experience and volunteering experience you accumulated during that year off on your resume.

They might ask about it, so be honest but vague: “I took that time off for personal reasons so I could refocus on experiencing and learning at law school to the fullest extent. I used that time to improve my Japanese language skills and actually passed the JPLT N1, which is the highest level.”

Everyone feels stressed and overwhelmed at law school at one point or another. Trust me, you are in good company! It is highly likely that those on the other side of the table will understand that you took the time off for personal reasons. If they don’t, you wouldn’t want to work for them anyway.

Keep kicking ass,


Dear AI,

I’m already in 2L, the semester is almost over, and I feel like I have no friends! Everyone else seems to have friends except for me. What should I do? Is there something wrong with me?


2 Lonely 4 Me

Dear 2 Lonely 4 Me,

Ah, law school friendship. An elusive creature, to be sure. Honestly? Screw ‘em! If they don’t want to be friends with a cool-ass baller like you, they clearly aren’t good enough. Besides, friendship is for the weak. Remember, these aren’t your classmates, your friends, or even your colleagues—these people are your competition. For every grade, every job, and every opportunity, they are competing with you. There is no solidarity to be had in the struggle.

I’d recommend forgetting people at law school. Become so amazing that people will naturally just flock to you and you can have your pick of friendslaw students or other, cooler people. Never forget: it is lonely at the top.

Keep doing you,