Mistakes Were Made: Corrections

In the article “Dean Claims Ghosts Are Stealing His Bagels,” which appeared in the January 2017 edition of Ultra Vires, we incorrectly stated that Dean Iacobucci claimed ghosts were stealing the bagels he has shipped from Montreal each morning. It was actually goats, not ghosts, that he claimed were stealing the bagels. We regret the error.

Last month, due to a typographical error, we printed the article “A Heartbreaking, Serious Story About Law School” in wingdings. For those of you who cannot read wingdings, the article will be made available online. We apologize for the confusion.

It has been brought to our attention that there were a number of inaccuracies in the piece “The Cold Hard Facts About Exams,” written by Squid Brickley in December 2016:

  • It is not true, as the article claims, that if you type “Your Name + Your Professor’s Name = Love” into ExamSoft your professor will give you an automatic HH. It will more likely result in a failing grade. Please forgive this inaccuracy.
  • Mr. Brickley quoted Prof. Alarie as saying, “Blue J marks every exam for every class and thinks you’re all stupid.” Prof. Alarie never said this. Although, to be fair, he didn’t say that Blue J doesn’t mark every exam for every class. Nevertheless, our apologies.
  • The article also mistakenly asserts that exam proctors are actually prisoners from the future sentenced to hard time observing law students quietly freak out for all eternity. There is no evidence that this is true. This was an unfortunate oversight.

In the March 2017 issue, we printed a corrections column correcting errors from a number of Ultra Vires articles. Further investigation has revealed that these articles do not exist. This was a mistake. Again, we offer our sincerest apologies.