Classroom Power Rankings

Norm Yallen (2L)

  1. J140, 9.15/10. The best classroom at the law school. Big enough that you can sit at the back and comfortably peruse Facebook. Small enough that you could hear the professor talking, if you were listening for once. The back window provides a nice vista where you can view unfortunate people who are not learning the nuances of limited liability partnerships.
  2. P115, 8.86/10. This classroom may have inadequate light, poor ventilation, and bad chairs, but what it lacks in amenities, it more than makes up for in character. I recommend sneaking into the class late at night and reading tax law cases. On an especially clear night it will feel like you’re reading about tax. It will feel like that at any time, actually, since there are no windows.
  3. The alley behind the law school, 8.53/10. This is where students can learn the real laws: the laws of the street. Down there, they play for keeps. Some of the most powerful lessons I have ever learned, I learned here.
  4. J225, 7.78/10. This intimate spot is a wonderful haven for anything from studying tort law to conducting a duel with your arch-nemesis. My only regret is that it all had to end so soon.
  5. Moot Court Room, 7.26/10. On the surface, the Moot Court Room seems to be the most glamourous classroom in the building. When I told people I was writing a column ranking the classrooms, they said that would be a dumb idea because the Moot Court Room was the best. Well, I think those people are dumb, and so is the Moot Room. I sure showed them.
  6. P120, 6.93/10. While it does not have the character of P115, this classroom still has a bit of character. For maximum enjoyment, try hiding under the desk and popping out in the middle of class. Your professor will undoubtedly be impressed by your initiative and keen legal mind.
  7. J130, 6.76/10. This is, on the surface, the same room as J125. But I have two classes in this one, and I am special. Have you ever been the first one in a class? I have never been brave enough to sit there on my own. I usually walk around the hall and wait for someone else to get there. I do not want people to think of me as the first guy in the class.
  8. J230 & J125, 6.69/10. Are you actually still reading this? You should go outside, it’s so nice out. Or go spend some time in a classroom. One of the nicer classrooms, not these ones. These ones are boring.
  9. P115, 5.37/10. This classroom was once a law student who got caught plagiarizing and faced a harsh punishment: he was turned into a classroom. Do not plagiarize—unless you want to eventually be turned into a classroom, sponsored by a Bay Street firm. Or, even worse, a classroom that is not sponsored by a Bay Street firm.