Costume Ideas for In-Firm Interviews

Norm Yallen (2L)

Halloween is just around the corner! This is a great time to show your special law firm or government office that you have what it takes! Here are our top costume ideas for doing just that.

Che Guevara: What better way to ingratiate yourself with a Bay Street firm than to dress like everyone’s favourite anti-capitalist guerilla fighter?

Doctor: Just walk right in and say, “I thought I would dress up for a worthwhile job, but ended up at a law office!” Lawyers love nothing more than jokes about how they are less important than doctors.

Donald Trump: Ugh, I’m sick of this.

Game of Thrones Character: Oh, you watch Game of Thrones? How relatable and unique! A good way to separate yourself from the other candidates who probably read by candlelight in their spare time. Do you also watch the Leafs, or like travelling? The firm will have no choice but to hire you.

Phantom of the Opera: You can honestly say anything you want with this costume. As a matter of fact, you can wear anything you want. I am pretty sure no one has actually seen this play so who would know?

Editor’s Note: Apparently this is the longest running musical of all time. Maybe you should have denigrated Cats instead.

Bear: Just don’t make a double entendre. Or do. I guess it depends on the office.

Santa/Supreme Court Justice: Same costume for either, but let the lawyer decide what it is. If they guess Santa, say that you plan on giving the firm the gift of your hard work and dedication. If they guess the Supreme Court Justice, tell them you love the law and all that stuff.

The Founder of the Firm: This will show you have respect for history. The bonus here is that you don’t even need to look them up: just wear something like a top hat, a cane, and a monocle. I guess you should probably make sure the founder is not still at the firm. You wouldn’t want there to be a mix-up.

Suits: Be that guy from Suits. You know, that guy who wins all those cases. Make sure you bring plenty of poorly written dialogue that leads to a boring and predictable conclusion. Suits is a bad show—there, I said it.

A Keen and Interested Student: Maybe give it a try and see what happens?