Why Would You Choose That? (continued from “Part One”)

Congratulations, you win the award for being the most honest, ethics-y student around. Well done. I bet you’re really happy. YOU HAD THE CHOICE TO POSSIBLY OBTAIN UNLIMITED ACCESS TO HHs! DON’T YOU WANT THAT?

No, you’re just another dime-a-dozen risk-averse law student who chooses to write an exam they haven’t studied for instead of following a magical pirate spirit to a far off land.

“No thanks, Julie, I’ll just go write my exam that I haven’t studied for because I’m a little chicken baby,” you say, your voice dripping with unwarranted self-righteousness.

“Suit yourself,” Julie says with a shrug, and disappears. You gather your things and leave for your exam. As you’re walking, Julie reappears beside you and walks with you. “Like, are you really really sure about this?”

Are you really, really sure?

  1. If yes, continue reading (I would be remiss if I didn’t warn you that the story ends here if you stick with this choice. But you’ve made strange choices before, so…).
  2. If no, turn to “Julie”.

“Yes, I’m really sure. I am really smart and amazing, Julie, you don’t even know.” Julie disappears without even really looking at you, but I know for sure that she talks about you to her friends, and not in a favourable way.

You get to your exam and sign in. You forgot that it’s a closed book exam. Also ExamSoft Examplify crashes two seconds into the exam and your computer lights on fire so you can’t restart it. You handwrite your exam.

You remember the basics of some of the law and so you manage an LP. One day you are being considered for the Supreme Court of Canada, but the committee sees the LP on your transcript and doesn’t nominate you. Julie appears and just sort of gives you a look for a few seconds. Finally, she speaks: “Do you want to go back in time and take my offer?”

Do you take her offer?

  1. If yes, turn to “Julie”.
  2. If no, you either don’t get this, or you’ve really hated this story so far.

The End