In Embarrassing Mistake, Prime Minister Trudeau Names Dead Composer Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada

In December, Richard Wagner, German composer of such classic operas as Tristan und Isolde and Götterdämmerung, and also known for his anti-Semitism and the fact that he died in 1883, was named Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Well done, Trudeau. Real smart move. What’s next? Amelia Earhart as Minister of Transportation?

“It’s a national embarrassment is what it is,” said National Post columnist Geraldine Flamingo. So, is anyone still reading this? Like, I just thought it was funny that the new Chief Justice has the same name as a dead composer, but that’s kind of all the material I have for this article. What’s up with you? How are things?

Okay, see you later. Have a nice day!