Hypothetical Madlibs™

Presented by Keener Gadgets Co.

It happens to all of us. You’re sitting in class, hand high up in the air, downright aching to ask the professor a hypothetical question. After all, your obscure hypotheticals are the toast of your fellow classmates. But then the professor finally calls on you and, uh oh, your mind goes blank. Well, fear not, future gold medallist, Keener Gadgets Co. has the answer for you. Or should we say, the questions? We present to you, Hypothetical Madlibs™, a fun and easy way to ask all the questions your brain desires. Your profs and classmates will definitely love you when you use Hypothetical Madlibs™.

Here, free of charge, are four Hypothetical Madlibs™ for you to try. That’s right, we are so confident in our product that we will give part of it away for free. Enjoy!

Criminal Law Hypothetical

Okay, so let’s say there’s this (Noun), (Proper Noun), who is being charged with unlawful (Board Game) (Verb)-ing. And so we know from R v (Type of Subway Sandwich) that there are three elements to the actus reus. In this case, the accused admits (Verb)-ing a (Noun), and admits it happened in a (Location), but completely denies that there were (Noun)s watching. Furthermore, the accused denies that he felt any (Adjective) (Emotion/Sensation) while it was happening, which is part of the mens rea, as Justice (Body Part) held in R v (Weird Sound). BUT, there is evidence that the accused (Past-Tense Verb) a (Noun) to the victim, using a (Colour) (Clothing Item).

So, my question is, if this fact pattern were on an exam, should our answer be more (90s TV Show) or (Song from the 80s), because they both seem to be reflected in the case law.

Tort Law Hypothetical

Wait, but I’m confused, because today you said (Verbatim Notes from Class), but last week you said (Verbatim Notes from Last Week’s Class), and so, just logically speaking, how can those two (French Philosopher)-ian opposites go together? Are we to believe that this is some sort of (Famous Athlete) construct?

For example, take a situation where a (Occupation) (Verb)s into a (Type of Furniture). Do we use the standard from (Backstreet Boy) v (Non-Justin Timberlake N*Sync Member) or do we use the (Type of Fruit) (Genre of Music) standard laid out by Justice (Bad Habit)’s influential dissent from the same case?

Ethics with Professor Emon Hypothetical

What the fuck are you talking about?

Business Organizations Hypothetical

But Professor, I think you’re living in a fantasy world of (Mythical Animal)s and (Gross Candy Type)s. For instance, let’s say there’s a company, (Bodily Function) Ltd., and its President and CEO, Greg (Swear Word)-Brick makes the decision to divide the company into four (Negative Adjective) subsidiaries. The primary shareholder of each of the subsidiaries is (Nerd Name) Mc(Nerd Name). And so now each subsidiary conveys one third of its (Noun)s to one of the other subsidiaries, and further conveys one eighth of the total amount of (Flower Type) (Shape)s to the parent company.

In that situation, I am absolutely sure that you still can’t pierce the corporate veil. No, I don’t have a question. I am right.

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