Semi-Recurring Article by a Follies Writer: [Someone Too Embarrassed to be Associated with this Article]’s Top Ten Places to Have Some “Alone Time” in the Law Building

Grades got you down? Want to meet up with that special someone on Tinder but don’t want to have to give up your seat in Bora to a SNAIL? Is law school screwing you? Do you want it to? Well, Law Follies is here to give you our Top Ten list of places in the law school where you won’t be disturbed (unless you want to be—we don’t judge)!

  1. Basement Bathroom of Bora Laskin

Pros: Spacious, quiet, a full length mirror.

Cons: Lock may not work (may not be a con). No furniture for… uses.

  1. Multi-Faith Prayer Room

Use it for its intended purpose! Or be blasphemous. We’re not saying you should be blasphemous—we’re just saying you could. Please be aware of the window on the door.

  1. Murder Hallway in the Basement of Flavelle

Danger is hot! So is this hallway.

  1. Any Faculty Kitchen.

Stick it to the administration by sticking it in someone else.

  1. Closet on the Third Floor of Flavelle

Rumour has it that there is a poster of Cristiano Ronaldo in there. Find out for yourself if the rumours are true-mours.

  1. Betty Ho Classroom

We’re not going to make the obvious joke because she was an amazing person and you should look her up. That being said, there is a very sturdy table in there.

  1. Any Room in Falconer

The perfect place to help you fulfill your Fifty Grades of H fantasy.

  1. Student Lounge Space

Just because it never came doesn’t mean you can’t!

  1. J300-306

For “private” office hours.

  1. The Library Stacks

Let’s not kid ourselves—you’re the only person who will be going down… there.