Graduating Student Profiles: Fishsticks

Kevin Schoenfeldt (3L)

As part of our final issue of the year, we were planning to feature a number of questionnaires filled out by graduating students, but only one student returned theirs in time: Fishsticks, who is set to be U of T Law’s first feline graduate.

Fishsticks Hard at Work

Name: Fishsticks. Fishy to my friends. And, no, my last name is not “The Cat.” I don’t have a last name, but I’ll respond to Mr. Sticks if you insist on being formal.

Age: Unknown. I know I’m at least ten, which is seventy to most of you I guess, but before that, nobody knows.

Hometown: Montreal, also known as “the Toronto of Quebec.” I’m joking, Montrealers, calm down.

Hobbies: Meowing at the wall in the middle of the night lol

Favourite Food: Mangos. J/K it’s catfood.

Fishy taking a well-deserved rest

Favourite Singer/Band: Cat Power. Not because of her name though, everyone always

assumes it’s because of her name. Like what, is every human’s favourite band The Human League? Get out of here.

Favourite TV Show: The Wire, for obvious reasons.

Favourite Movie: Ratatouille. I know, I know, but that little rat’s got heart!

Least Favourite Movie: I know it just came out, but Isle of Dogs’ portrayal of cats is absolute garbage. But what else would you expect from noted dog propagandist, Wes Anderson?

Life Goal: To get profiled in UV. HA HA HA HA, yeah right. It’s Supreme Court Justice or bust.

Pet Peeve: When people make cat puns to me. Like they ask, “Are you getting a Purrrris Doctor? Are you going to call yourself an Attorney at Paw? Do you want to practice international law because of all the TREATies?” I hate it. I’m not crazy about the term pet peeve either by the way.

Best Law School Memory: I got to meet Justice Abella when she was here for the Grand Moot last year, and she scratched under my chin. Can you believe it? Scratched under the chin by Rosalie Abella. What an honour!

Worst Law School Memory: I fell asleep in the front row of Evidence with Hamish Stewart and started snoring. He’s my favourite prof and I could see how disappointed in me he was when he woke me up. I’m sorry, Professor Stewart, it’s hard for me to stay awake longer than ten minutes at a time!

What advice would you give future law students?: Know that you can do this, but you can’t do it alone. Before I went to law school I had a stroke, I lost my vision, I developed diabetes, but I made it through with perseverance and the help of my #1 human, Kevin. He’s like a son to me. And we’re graduating at the same time, how crazy is that??

Darkest Secret: Remember how there used to be mice in the library? Have you seen any lately? No, you haven’t. Because I called them all names until they moved to a different building. Do I regret it? Not really. I’m a cat.