Lecture Notes

Kevin Schoenfeldt (3L)

This semester, for no apparent reason, I started bringing my laptop to class for the first time. To show you how well that’s going, below I’ve created an accurate depiction of my class notes from a Biz Org lecture if I took notes on everything that I was paying attention to while the professor was teaching.

Lecture, March 28: Shareholder Remedies

Oppression Remedy

  • CBCA s. ?? (didn’t hear), says something about what the oppression remedy is I guess?
  • Prof thinks that there are lots of issues to think about, because th
  • What’s that video the person three rows in front of me is watching?
    • IT’S A KITTEN!!!!
    • That was very cute
    • Now she’s watching one of those food making videos and there is so much cheese involved. Should I go get a snack from the Goodman’s Cafe?
  • Prof is talking about BCE again, definitely try to read it before exam
  • Oh finally, someone sent a message on our Facebook group chat
    • But it doesn’t really have anything to do with me
    • Send Parks and Rec gif anyway
    • Nobody is responding to it. What about now? Still no.

Ferguson v Imax Systems Corp

  • Husbands and wives own shares, but wives own non-voting shares or something, i.e. sexist
  • Conduct was oppressive for some reasons
  • Oh shit, Donald Trump is at it again
  • If I leave five minutes before the break and come back five minutes after, I probably won’t miss anything and I’ll get a 20 minute break. Super smart.
  • If I leave and go home now I will get a rest of the day break. Hmmmm
  • I should stay. I’ll just read this article about the Royal Wedding
  • Oppression remedy means something to do with reasonable expectations and unfair conduct and
  • Prof says it will definitely be on the exam
  • I don’t think I care about the Royal Wedding, should I keep that a secret?


  • I’ve read all the articles at Vox already
  • People are asking a lot of questions, so I’m going to just check Vox again to make sure
  • Somebody just posted on the Class of 2018 Facebook page. Oh, there’s a property law panel at 4 pm today. Great. Super exciting. No free food even.
  • Business, business, business, shareholders, majority, directors, business, conduct
  • What am I going to have for lunch? And dinner? And lunch and dinner tomorrow?
    • At least one of those better be pizza
  • I am boreddddddddddddddddddddfdddddddddddddddddddd;alksfa;lskdas;dkfa;slkdja;
  • Wwwwwuiwuiwuiwuiwuiwuwuiwuiwuiuwiuwpaoijaspoijfa;lkwjqnwie

The Three Things That Will Guarantee You a Passing Grade on the Exam

  • I better refresh Facebook again
  • Should I start going on Twitter again?
  • I worked pretty hard one day last week, so I think I deserve to take the afternoon off to eat candy and watch old episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine that I’ve seen four times already
  • I missed the three things
  • This is why I’m not going to graduate