Toronto Summer 2018 1L Recruit

Amani Rauff (3L) and Honghu Wang (1L)

This year’s 1L Recruit took place during reading week, February 20–22. Overall, Toronto employers hired fifty-seven students; twenty-three of those were from U of T. Both figures are similar to the previous year’s, despite the marked recovery in the number of students hired throughout the 2L recruit back in November.

It should be noted that the 1L Recruit only makes up a small fraction of first-year summer hiring. Many first-year students will work as research assistants at the Faculty of Law, as caseworkers at legal clinics, or on exciting projects funded by the many fellowships offered by the law school. Others may work at law firms that did not take part in the formal recruit or at jobs unrelated to law. Some, of course, will choose to spend their 1L summer nowhere near anything law-related; that may, in the long run, be for the better.

1L Recruit