Ultra Vires is the independent student newspaper of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. We provide a forum for diverse viewpoints on topics of interest to current and prospective students, alumni, faculty, and members of the legal community.

Our content does not necessarily reflect the views of the Faculty of Law, the Students’ Law Society (SLS), or the Editorial Board.

Ultra Vires welcomes contributions from all interested persons. We reserve the right to edit submissions for length and content.

Editorial Board 2017-18

  • Editors-in-Chief – Amani Rauff & Aidan Campbell
  • News Editors – Maud Rozee & Lily Hassall
  • Features Editors – Shari Nathan & Chloe Magee
  • Opinions Editors – SuJung Lee & Rachel Chan
  • Diversions Editors – Kevin Schoenfeldt & Norm Yallen
  • Business (School) Correspondent – Mimi Pichette
  • Foreign Correspondent – Nick Papageorge
  • Photo & Design Editors – Shari Nathan
  • Layout Editor – Alexandra Fox

Contact Us

Email: editor@ultravires.ca

Twitter: @ultravires

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