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Ultra Vires is the independent student newspaper of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. Our focus is on stories related to the student experience at U of T Law, as well as on stories related to the legal community in Toronto, Ontario, and Canada. If you are interested in writing something not directly within that scope, please contact us about your ideas and we would be happy to discuss if they would be appropriate.

We do not accept anonymous submissions except in exceptional circumstances. Please consult with us before submitting an anonymous piece.

Generally, we recommend that articles be between 500 – 700 words. Articles can certainly be longer, but you may wish to get in touch with us before working on an 700+ word article.

Ultra Vires publishes its print edition on the last Wednesday of every month other than December and April. Please send story ideas, submissions, and news tips to editor@ultravires.ca at least one week before that date. We also publish stories online between print issues.

These are the publishing and article submission deadlines for 2015-16:

September, 2015: submit by September 23 for September 30 publication.

October, 2015: submit by October 21 for October 28 publication.

November, 2015: submit by November 18 for November 25 publication.

January, 2016: submit by January 20 for January 27 publication.

February, 2016: submit by February 17 for February 24 publication.

March, 2016: submit by March 23 for March 30 publication.

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