Ultra Vires


UV’s Five Ultimate Ultimate Moments of Fall Semester

5 Reilly Pollard’s short shorts.

4 Mastering the art of the default win. The UT Law Ultimate teams (both the Saturday and Sunday teams) collectively won six games by default last semester. Our ability to show up was, perhaps, the only thing we did better than any of the other teams.

3 The post Halloween party game. Ten hung over law students (painfully) played an awesome game to take down the opposition.  We truly believe that Michelle Folliott’s tattoos, Emily Shepard’s glitter and my Tigger stripes contributed to our big win (and no, this was not one of the defaults).

2 Breakfast caesars after the aforementioned game.

1 Winning the Division 2 Championship. The Sunday team overcame tough overtime games in the quarter and semi to face OISE in the final. OISE had beat out a very talented Law Saturday team to make the final. In the final, the Sunday team got revenge, beating OISE in a hard fought game.


UofT Law ultimate team
The U of T Law ultimate team won many games through default this semester



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