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Remembering Samantha Clarke

On IMDb.com, there is a film short called “Orange Sarong”.  In it, a businessman watches a woman in an orange sarong on a nearby boat.  He lapses into a reverie and imagines he is meeting her, before he snaps out of it and realizes he has not, that everything was a dream.  The woman in this film short is Samantha Krystle Clarke, in her previous professional incarnation as an actress.

Since hearing the news on Thursday, I have hoped to wake from a dream, like that businessman, and realize that none of this has actually happened.  But it has: Sam is gone.  The woman who was such a vibrant presence in my first-year section, the striking beauty who had hoped at one time to become a JD/MBA and an entertainment lawyer, is gone.  This is no dream: she is not coming back to us.

Like many who knew her in 1L, I did not know how Sam was doing at U of T this year.  I was busy – we all are busy – and the regular social rhythms of first-year are broken up into the atomized specializations of upper-year coursework.  I did not bother to check up on her, see how she was doing.

I wish I had.

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