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Miscellaneous Ideas

Flu Shot Day

The SLS sits on a giant pile of money that grows every year.  What if we used a tiny portion of that money for something useful?  (Not that an open bar at Law Ball isn’t useful…)

Everyone knows they should get a flu shot (well, not some crunchy granola hippies, but fuck them).  But we’re busy and it’s easy to forget.  Flu season and paper season start up around the same time.  If there’s a group that will show up sick at school to work, it’s us.

Getting the flu is bad enough, but being out of commission when you have to write papers and exams is really painful.  Most of us just hope for the best as we share the school with those special people who wipe their noses on their hands and then touch all the doorknobs.

The SLS should pay for a ‘Flu Shot Day’ at the law school each November.  The shots themselves are free, and for $115 an hour you can pay a nurse to give them out at school (TLC Alert Nursing & Home Care Services offers this service).

Sceptics will say that people should just get the flu shot elsewhere on campus, but anyone who’s read Richard Thaler’s book Nudge knows that making things a little bit more accessible can make a big difference.

For a few hundred dollars, it’s worth trying once.

Later Law Library Hours

Bora is packed during the last month of each term when we all actually do the work we’re supposed to have been working on all semester.  The library is open an extra few hours during this peak period, but it still closes earlier than many other libraries on campus.

Aren’t we supposed to be poorly adjusted workaholics?  How much could it possibly cost to pay someone to keep the library open a couple extra hours during the last few weeks of exams?  At the very least, the library shouldn’t close the night before papers are due at 10 a.m. the next morning.  Who could pay for this?  SLS surplus, I’m looking at you. 

A Business Law Clinic

Laura McGee has been championing this cause and everyone should sign her petition.  We all know that our school has a strong focus on business, and we’re not fooling anyone by pretending otherwise.

Providing low cost business law advice is extremely helpful for entrepreneurs with good ideas and no capital.  We’re all learning corporate law anyway.  Helping people who can’t afford $500/hour for a corporate lawyer would be a step in the right direction.

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