Ultra Vires


Word on the Street

Name, year What did you do during Reading Week?
Ashley Major, 1L Caught up on the two weeks of readings I neglected for law follies. And watched Friends. So much Friends.
Nitai & Co, 2L Boys, blues, and bourbon in Kentucky and Tennessee.
Rona Ghanbari, 1L Pretended to study while actually researching buying a hedgehog.
Hayley Ossip, 3L and Liz Kagedan, 3L Kliz and Khaley stormed Miami.
Gigi Van Leeuwen, 2L Read about class actions, either pool side or on the beach in the DR.
Alex Eckler, 2L Spent it in Miami…it got cold in Toronto, right?
Yale Hertzman, 3L Enjoyed +20 rather than -20 in Naples, Florida!
Alex Condon and Dave Kumagai, 3L Discoed in beantown.
Chad Pilkington Board games and drinks all day all night.

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