Ultra Vires


Procrastination Methods of Choice


Lisana Nithiananthan (2L)

  1. Netflix.
  2. Reading Ultra Vires.
  3. Writing articles to submit to UV in advance of the September 2015 issue.
  4. For music lovers between 18 and 35, you can score concert tickets for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra for as low as $16.
  5. Daydrinking
  6. Practice your signature for when you become famous. Practice it, perfect it. Like an autograph.
  7. Pinning all these DIY photos on your Pinterest Board. Bonus points if you actually get around to doing the DIY activities during study time.
  8. Pay a visit to the Toronto’s Islands before it’s packed with tourists. There’s lots to see and do, whether you want to roam the Island or participate. (Valid student ID gets you a discounted ferry ride and admission to the Island is free).
  9. Watching every single interview of (insert name of any celebrity you obsess over) on YouTube.
  10. Participating in a drop-in fitness class at Hart House, which in case you didn’t know are free for you as a Student Card holding UofT Law student.
  11. Sit in on a random lecture. Seriously, give it a go. Walk into any of U of T’s many buildings and sit in on a totally random lecture. Learn something new (and unrelated to law).
  12. Endlessly scrolling on Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter/Buzzfeed/9gag.
  13. Grab your significant other and head to Hart House’s Great Hall. The spiral tower is the perfect place to romantically act out the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet. Or just work on your Shakespearean acting chops.
  14. Learning all the lyrics to 1989 songs in preparation for T-Swift’s concert. In October (one can never be too prepared).
  15. Surround yourself with more than 5000 works of art at the Art Gallery of Ontario. (Full-time students with valid ID get in free on Wednesdays between 6pm and 8:30pm, and pay only $11 on other times/dates
  16. Look up an easy recipe (see back of this paper for one) and cook something.
  17. Lots of eating. Eat because you’re stressed/tired/bored/procrastinating.
  18. Doing an unhealthy amount of ridiculous online quizzes to find out who your 90s soulmate is and/or which Mean Girl you are and/or what your favourite type of pizza says about you.
  19. Take in some history with one of Toronto’s many museums: the Gardiner Museum, the Royal Ontario Museum (General Admission is free every Tuesday for students with a post-secondary school ID), the Bata Shoe Museum, the Spadina Museum.
  20. Take in a Raptors game live.
  21. Get back in touch with nature and away from coffee. Visit High Park, home to a pretty cozy zoo. (It’s absolutely free!)
  22. Go for a walk in the picturesque Philosopher’s Walk.
  23. Shop til you drop without going into more debt. Kensington Market has a unique variety of clothes, organic food, and cheap trinkets that won’t break the bank.
  24. On Fridays, the Cinema Studies Students Union, bless them, hosts free screenings at Innis Town Hall. Check online for what’s playing, as they show a great range of films, from classics to new releases.
  25. Go People Watching at Queens Park.
  26. Reorganize your closet.
  27. If you’re feeling brave and willing to dish out $195, take a walk on the wild side…a walk 365m above the ground and outside the roof of the CN Tower.
  28. Shop along Bloor to get some new spring clothes (H&M, Club Monaco, Gap, and J Crew, and Topshop/Topman located at176 Yonge Street inside The Bay offer student discounts ranging from 10-30% with a valid ID).
  29. Call up a few friends and hang out on a patio for some afternoon beer, bites, and warmer weather.
  30. Sleep.



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