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Top Advice From 3Ls to Prospective Law Students

By David Pardy (?L)

Hungry for sardonic humour and maybe some legitimately helpful advice, I asked 3L students to share just one piece of advice that they would share with a prospective law student. Ranging from genuine to obscene, encouraging to foreboding, and coming from the well informed to those that could not follow very simple instructions, I present to you the top 3L advice.

“Get really involved throughout your time here.  It will make law school that much more fruitful.”

– Anonymous

“become a gym rat (weightlifting, bodybuilding, running – whatever works for you) that hour or two a day leads to better health (physical and mental) and helps create and enforce a structure in your life.”

– Anonymous

“Find your own balance between law school and non-law school life. Some people join 7 clubs, some join 1. Whatever you do, make sure not to forget your passions and hobbies outside of law and your significant others and non-law friends. It’s the only way to make it through those stressful times in one piece!”

– Cindy

“You can ask anyone for advice on anything, but only while you are a student. Make it count!”

– Ramin Wright

“Fellow conservatives/reasonable people: do not fret, there are many others like you on campus. While it may sometimes seem that you belong to the only ‘oppressed’ minority group that goes unacknowledged, it actually gets a lot better after law school. See all those ‘suits’ and Bay Street-types running the world? They won’t admit it but many of them were actually hippies of the flower generation, who eventually came around. So there’s hope for everybody, including your fellow classmates with whom you may not see eye-to-eye.

But YOUR job isn’t to worry about others; in fact, that would violate your first duty as a Capitalist. When at law school, my advice is simple. First, stick to your guns and remember your reasons for coming here. Transcend the mundane, the whining and the diatribes of others. Think big and don’t get pulled into the sideshow. Attend all the good guest speakers who show you there’s a world outside the campus bubble. And finally, surround yourself with ambitious, like-minded people with whom you can truly be yourself. Congratulations on getting admitted to law school – and best of luck with your plans to rule the world!”

– Anonymous

“Don’t sacrifice your health (physical/mental) or personal relationships for law school.”

– Brittany Tovee

“1. Do max two extracurriculars, 2. Plan out your budget for all of law school before you even start law school, and know that you will get SIGNIFICANTLY less money after first year, 3. Try and build a solid relationship with at least one professor, 4. Grades matter. Sorry but they do.”

– Anonymous

“Live. Laugh. Love.”

– Dave Kumagai

“1. Be different; bold; and willing to leave footprints in less travelled paths. The legal profession is at a critical turning point so be cognizant of what you do. More importantly, get to know the person sitting to your right and left in class. In fact, that person may very well be the son of a prominent Judge; super connected to legal/business circles; or might simply just have incredible wisdom to share. Success is about a network: build one quickly and do not be foolish because influential people are often within arms reach.  Finally, carry yourself with elegance and be mindful of your presence. People make instant decisions based on how you present yourself (yes, its a fact) and will likely remember you based on your character and NOT your OCI results.  #Stayhungrymakeitrain#I’mOUT”

– Anonymous

“If you get a Bay St job please don’t think you are set. In fact, that’s the farthest thing from the truth. Please review stats on where lawyers end up either a) after Articling or b) after being terminated. Be humble and nice always.”

– Anonymous

“Once you are on the law school track it can be hard to get off. Gaps in your resume will become suspicious pretty quick. If you want to bum around South America for 6 months or fall in love in Thailand, I would recommend doing so before you start 1L. (Or – wait until exchange in 3L!)”

– Lauren Pearce

“Alcohol is your best friend.”

– Anonymous

“I can’t speak to what works for men’s clothing, but ladies: if you don’t want to dress like a schlub but want to be equally comfortable, step up your “athleisure” game: skip the skinny jean and invest in yoga pants, thick leggings (pockets on the back make them look like real pants), and sweatpants that look like jeans (jeggings are so 2008). For those daring to play with less conventional pant proportions, try culottes or harem pants with an elasticized waist, or “boyfriend cut” jeans – bonus points for rips! For extra comfort, look for pairs that are a tencel/cotton blend because they basically feel like sweats.”

– Hayley Ossip

“Law school is a scam, don’t do it. You’ll graduate with a lot of debt and abysmal job prospects. 50% of students land an OCI gig, the other 50% are left to fend for themselves. Yes, the employment rate after is like 99.9% but what kind of jobs are behind those numbers? BARISTA @ STABRS FTW”

– Anonymous

“Just calm the fuck down.”

– Anonymous

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