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Re: [LAW-ALL] Fall calendar reminders


Maud Rozee (1L) and Clara Rozee (3L)

Dear students:

Here are some reminders about your schedule for this fall. Please mark your calendars with the following dates:

  • Friday, September 25 was a deemed Wednesday. Accordingly, next Wednesday, September 30 will be a deemed Friday.
  • In the months of October and November, the 16th will be deemed the 23rd.
  • Every Tuesday in October will end at 3 pm.
  • The weekend of October 10-11 is cancelled, pending administrative review.
  • Wednesday, October 14th is a wild card. Deem it whichever day you please.
  • On Thursday, October 15th at midnight, we will gather at the grassy space behind the Faculty of Music to draw the following day out of a hat. If you have suggestions for dates to be included in the hat, please email them to the Records Office before yesterday.
  • If you have class before 5:00pm on Tuesday, October 20, the following day will be a Wednesday as normal. Otherwise, return to the start of the week.
  • The week of November 9-13 will be repeated as many times as is necessary.
  • Just a reminder that the new law building is scheduled for completion by September 2016. As we all know, 2016 has been rescheduled to 2020.
  • For the month of December, we will be using a Snakes and Ladders board in lieu of a calendar. Stay tuned for more updates.

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