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The Best and Worst Parts of O-Week

Best: My favourites were probably the variety of free food and the socials.

Worst: They planned a social the night before an important, mandatory, and early inclusivity session!

Gaby Schacter

Best: I liked the planned activities for the most part, and enjoyed that they mixed in some extra-curricular stuff (e.g. Public Interest Lunch was amazing).

Worst: Social events were good, but bar nights were maybe a bit repetitive. I would have preferred more student-friendly locations closer to campus (where we are actually more likely to go out). I also think there could have been a lot more sober programming during the week so it wouldn’t run late (since the faculty had a problem with that), but it would also allow us to socialize more.

Sheena Singh

Best: My favourite event was by far our trip to E-Zone. It provided an opportunity to interact with a large number of peers in a variety of different contexts. Full points on that one.

Worst: My least favourite aspect was probably the “tent events.” Without a microphone, it made the rules unclear and I think that the absenteeism during those events was a reflection of this.

Sam McColl

Best: I’d say meeting new people and making friends. It’s a crazy opportunity to meet a ton of people really fast.

Worst: The least favourite is probably the structured “getting to know others” part. Tons of people bail if it’s optional, and that stuff isn’t that fun.

Ani Sachdev

Best: I liked the tables because I think its a good way to introduce students to each other without overwhelming everyone.

Worst: I didn’t like that there was no free alcohol except for one table.

Tony Zhou

Best: I really liked the E-Zone and card games events that we had during the day. I liked the fact that they motivated us to go out with everyone and try new events that involved stuff other than drinking.

Worst: My least favourite would probably have to be how we were stuck in the same orientation group for the whole two weeks. I would’ve liked it if we spent more time moving around and meeting people in different groups during lunch time!

Aamir Chherawala

Best: My favorite part was that bumper car bar thing.

Worst: Easily my biggest complaint is that most pub nights were in places where the music was way too loud to talk to anyone. Actually, sorry, that’s my second biggest complaint. My biggest is about the morning mandatory sessions on Fridays…after pub nights…which were boring as all hell.

Alexander C

Best: I liked the events where they treated us like kids and let us play with laser guns.

Worst: The food was really poorly distributed. Why not just put a quarter of the food in each of the four corners?

James Schneider

Best: My favourite part of the week was definitely E-Zone.

Worst: I wasn’t a big fan of the casino event due to the way it was organized which didn’t allow us to freely move around the activities at our own pace.

Ashley Bogglid

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