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What Would A Great Student Lounge Look Like?

Elliot Fonarev (2L)

These are stressful times, but maybe the Faculty of Law administration is right. Maybe things will be better next year. Better classrooms. Better mouse policies. Better student lounges…where you can eat freely, close the shades, maybe even nap. I can picture it now.

That really got me thinking, what is our new student lounge going to look like? What would a great lounge look like? And is U of T Law considering all the greatness criteria? With these tough questions ringing through my head, I went to the place I know I can always find answers: Google. And there I found the lounge experts.

I’m talking about those exclusive airport lounges that no regular human has ever accessed unless you’ve accidentally walked into one on a layover somewhere you can’t remember because you had too many mini wine bottles on the plane and no one said anything so you thought, Sweet I am so stealthy I should be a spy, and took off your backpack you’ve been lugging around for months, threw up your birkenstocks on the soft, expensive-looking chesterfield, and fell into a most peaceful siesta, until an airport staff not so delicately informs you that this is the Gold Star Wing Century Sky Loft Members Club for members, and the designated passenger waiting area is outside.

Anyway, I’ve done the law school’s work for them and surveyed the world’s best airport lounges The final result will be graded on a curve in order of lounginess so you might want to take notes.

LP Features

Futuristic pot lighting: LED lighting, generally, is a no go.* Law school is really confusing. Sleep stops being a thing. Acne happens, again, and you ran out of proactive 10 years ago. Dressing and grooming is hard. Napping during the day is the only thing that feels good. You realize you’ve regressed to infancy. Let’s agree that keeping the lighting low is a good thing for everyone for many reasons.

*Night-lights are acceptable.

Virgin American Loft, LAX – Source

Lackluster wall art: You’ve seen it at dentist’s offices, banks, boardrooms. It’s like elevator music for the eyes: it fills the space yet you’re left feeling a little empty inside. If you’re making the choice between it and nothing, do nothing. Better yet, do a student exhibit. Same goes for optical glass crystal structures. (Is it a fixture? Is it a sculpture? No one will ever know.)

United Club, EWR – Source

P Features

Chaise lounges: No lounge would be complete without chaise lounges. Sure, these arm-optional side-reclining sofas are popular with the pool-side crowd, but what better way to make law students feel relaxed than making them think they are by the cabana? Also, chaises are the recliners of choice for therapists, so these sofas should be a staple for any law school.

Plaza Premium Lounge, SIN – Source

Open fire pit with circular seating: This ensures the SLS can run indabas in full transparency. Also, “rustic” is really in right now.

Oneworld Lounge, LAX – Source

H Features

Living wall: Since next year both the classes and library will be in Flavelle, many law students will spend entire days without stepping foot outdoors. And since humans can’t survive without nature, and law students are humans (I think), the obvious conclusion is to bring nature to us. Extra points for plant diversity.

Qantas International First Lounge, SYD – Source

Pod chairs: Imagine how much calmer and more energized law students will be after curling up in a circular capsule that somewhat resembles a womb and taking a nap before their afternoon Biz Org lecture? Pillows and blankets absolutely necessary.

Finnair Lounge, HEL – Source

HH Features

Open bar: How badly do you want the HH?

American Airlines Admirals Club, DFW – Source

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