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An Intro to the Jackman Law Building, Brought to You by B+H Architects in Concert with the Rich Alumni of U of T Law

Kevin Schoenfeldt (2L) and Nick Papageorge (2L)

At the end of the Sullivan & Cromwell LLP Summer Break we sat down with the Diamond & Diamond Dean, who generously donated some of his time to speak to us about sponsorships. We discussed some of the new sponsorship opportunities the faculty has taken advantage of as well as where the law school plans to go from here.

“We’re very excited to begin partnering with sponsors from outside the legal community,” the Dean told us. Indeed, 1Ls may already have noticed their professors taking short commercial breaks between cases. “Nothing too intrusive, of course. It could be something like, ‘Now that we’ve covered Mustapha, let me tell you about Culligan Water: Fly-Free Since 2003!” When asked whether this was a conflict of interest in a university setting, his response was, “I just thought, they do it in podcasts, why not in the classroom?”

Other sponsored classes include ULINE Latex Glove’s Criminal Law, Environmental Law brought to you by Imperial Oil, and Scotiabank Presents Biz Org: Turning Your Crippling Debt into Our Staggering Wealth.

When asked about the possibility of anything being named for people on the basis of their notable achievements rather than donations, the Dean seemed flummoxed. “I’m not sure what you mean. If they had achieved something, by definition they would have made plenty of money. Why wouldn’t they have have donated some of that extra money?”

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