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Word on the Street: Putting the “Good” in Goodmans

Rabiya Mansoor (2L)

goodmans-cafeMonday, November 28 was a momentous day for the law school. We finally got our Goodmans LLP Cafe. And, I’m not being biased here, but it is actually pretty good and decently priced. Here is what some students had to say:

“Both the coffee and the cookies are good. It is one of the best cafes on campus. I’d give it a solid 4/5.” – Anonymous 1Ls

“The coffee is good. I’d give the cafe a 5/5.” – Stephanie, First Year Masters in Forest Conservation Student

“The coffee doesn’t suck and it is definitely better than Tim Horton’s. The Morning Berry muffin warmed up is just fantastic. The cafe gets an H or a 4/5.” – Alisa, 2L

“The coffee is good. It’s a 4/5.” – Maria, First Year SJD Student   

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