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Things to Talk About That Are Not OCIs

Norm Yallen (2L)


With OCIs coming up, it can feel like the only thing to talk about is the upcoming interviews. Here are some suggestions for mediocre conversation topics to pass the time when talking with your peers.


Politics: What’s that Donald Trump up to today? Surely some delightful hijinks, like casually threatening nuclear war while calling Kim Jong Un the “Rocket Man.” Oh, he’s retweeted a neo-Nazi Twitter account. Weird that this guy controls the most powerful country in the world. Maybe it’s best to talk about something else. This is worse than talking about the OCIs.


Last Year’s Marks: Ask that casual acquaintance about what marks he got last year. It is probably best to tell him your marks first, to start the conversation. The beauty of this is that you can just lie about your marks. After all, they cannot check your transcript!


Television/Netflix: Everyone likes talking about their favourite show—unless they refuse to talk, for fear of having it spoiled. My friend told me that he won’t watch the rest of Game of Thrones until all of the books come out, and that he would prefer none of us talk about it with him. I now only talk to him about OCIs.


Ultra Vires: Have you seen some of the articles Ultra Vires runs? Some of the garbage in this paper is honestly unbelievable. Pathetic, actually, when you think about it…. Just joking, everything here is awesome and critical comments will not be tolerated.


The Weather: How about that amazing weather we are having? Probably best, for the purposes of this conversation, to ignore the eighteen hurricanes, twelve floods, the series of earthquakes, and the four forest fires that by now surely merged into one mega-fire currently going on. On second thought, that could get depressing quickly.

Silence: Just do not say anything and allow yourself to be absorbed by your own thoughts. This might be the worst one of all. It’s just about time to ask your friend how many OCIs they have.

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