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Opinion: I Like The TV

Rylee Rayburn-Gibson (3L)


I like the TV. I like the TV at night before bed and while I am eating. Sometimes while I am watching another TV I will turn on the main TV and watch both.


The TV has movies, shows, sports, and news in standard definition or in high definition. Anything on the TV in high definition is better than every book. You can watch the TV in all shapes and sizes. Not triangle thoughyet. And not really really really really big. If I had to choose? Really big rectangle.


The TV has lots of channels, but they could add more and I would not mind. If you get tired of watching CBC News you can switch to The Simpsons or to CBC News in French. That’s just the freedom of choice that comes with the TV lifestyle. There is always something on the TV and sometimes I get distracted because I like what is on there. I’m reading a book, say, and then the TV shows me Donald Trump, so I look at the TV instead. The book isn’t showing me Donald Trump. I hope this is clear.


Have you heard of “primetime”? This is the part of the evening when the TV gets very good on purpose. It is hard to believe this happens every day, but it’s true! When someone tells me, “I don’t like the TV,” I say, “You should try watching during primetime, mother.” Primetime is a good viewing experience. I prefer to not click the off switch during this period.


The TV is the place to go for sports fans. That’s me! Football, basketball, hockey, soccer. They are all here. Women’s sports? No, but everything else. I can’t lie, I like it when sports are on the screen.


Sometimes the TV can ask the hard questions. On Thursdays, do I watch Young Sheldon or Grey’s Anatomy? Or Thursday Night Football? Or a horny cartoon from another land? Luckily, new technology means I don’t have to decide. But I do decide and I watch Young Sheldon.


The TV has The Big Bang Theory on it. But not all the time. I have the cables to use a computer so that the TV has The Big Bang Theory on it all the time. So that’s pretty cool. Not to go off track, but I like the computer too.


The TV has reality shows. I like those. They are really putting a mirror to society. I like that it could just be me in reality on the TV someday, living my life as a guy with a haircut or a gun or something. My favourite show is Suits and I am working on a long-term plan to be a contestant on that badass show. But so are other people, I think. We’ll see.

Has anyone seen The Wire?

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