Ultra Vires


Brains not Brawn (continued from “Make MRAs Mad”)

You consider your response carefully and realize that you could obviously never beat Buster in a battle of strength, so you tell him that you choose a battle of wits.

“Wits, eh? You law students all think you’re so smart. Okay, very well then. All you have to do is  answer this riddle: I am spotted, but I don’t have fur. I am unique, but I am part of a pattern. I will hurt you if you don’t say my name. What am I?”

You collect your thoughts and concentrate. Buster taps his wrist, trying to rush you, but you ignore him. You sit on the ground and close your eyes. Think! And then the answer just pops into your head. You jump up and say:

  1. If you say, “A narcissistic bald leopard,” turn to “Oops”.
  2. If you say, “An issue on a law school exam,” turn to “HH Island”.

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