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Students’ Law Society Election Results Are In

Students’ Law Society elects 11 new representatives for 2020-21 school year 

The Students’ Law Society (SLS) added 11 new representatives to its ranks following the election period that ended Friday, September 25. The election results were released by email on Saturday, September 26, after some technical issues postponed the election. The election is conventionally held at the beginning of the academic year to allow new students — mainly 1Ls — the opportunity to get involved in student governance and represent their class. 

The Student Affairs and Governance (StAG) committee elected four 1Ls in a contested election: Noa Rapaport, Stefan Rus, Eloise Hirst, and Carissa DeMarinis in a contested election. These candidates focused on increasing dialogue between faculty members and students and developing coping solutions for the pandemic. The majority of candidates also hold previous experiences of leading student governments during their undergraduate education. 

Three other 1Ls joined SLS in an uncontested election for Social Affairs committee positions: Apollonia Mastrogiacomo, Saskia De Vries, and Alexander Day. In the contested 2L election for a single  spot on the committee, Thryn Irwin was elected. 

Renuka Koilpillai (3L) ran uncontested and joined the StAG committee. Koilpillai has held a StAG position for the past two years. 

Two 3Ls  —Rachael Girolametto-Prosen and Emma Brown — ran uncontested and were elected to the Social Affairs committee. Brown was last year’s Social Affairs Communications Director and Girolametto-Prosen was a StAG representative for the past two years. In addition to their experiences working with the law school administration, these candidates highlighted finding new ways outside of Call to the Bar to engage with peers socially such as picnics, trivia, and movie nights. 

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