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Letter from the Editors


October 28, 2020.

Dear law school community and beyond,

Happy spooky season! We hope you are staying healthy and safe as the law school locks down (again). Congratulations on making it through the first half of the weirdest semester ever. We know it must be tough, but we’re happy that the law community has endeavoured to stay connected through these unprecedented times. 

In this issue, you’ll find some updates from Faculty Council, a continuation of the IHRP Saga, some precious photos of law students’ pets, and a delicious Ragu recipe to hopefully keep you warm.  

If you have comments on this issue or stories to pitch, you can reach us at editor@ultravires.ca.

Thanks for reading and good luck with exams and assignments!


Vivian Cheng & Angela Gu

Co-Editors-in-Chief, Ultra Vires

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