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UBC Allard Law Students Document Alleged Peer Non-Compliance With Public Health Orders

Career Services Office requests deletion of student-crowdsourced spreadsheet 

The University of British Columbia’s Peter A. Allard School of Law’s Career Services Office (CSO) asked students to delete a student-crowdsourced spreadsheet detailing alleged peer non-compliance with pandemic restrictions. This spreadsheet was reportedly created for the purpose of sharing student information with students and employers for the upcoming 2L recruit, with it containing details gathered from social media profiles and activities. 

In an email to 2L students, the CSO acknowledged frustration around witnessing non-compliance with public health orders, but ultimately denounced the public shaming, stating that such sharing of personal information without permission transgresses ethical and professional boundaries. 

The CSO went on to write that, by belonging to the Allard Law community and broader legal community, students should “[treat] each other with kindness, compassion, deference, and professionalism,” noting that acting to the contrary can damage students’ reputation within the legal community. 

“Aside from satisfying a vigilante urge, there is nothing helpful that comes from such a spreadsheet,” reads the email, which was initially shared by a student via Twitter on Tuesday January 26. The tweet has since been deleted. 

The CSO has declined to provide further comment. 

The CSO’s email to 2L students at UBC’s Allard Law

Editor’s Note: this is a developing story. Ultra Vires has reached out to Allard Law students for further comment.

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